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things you can mad at instead of the ~*obesity epidemic*~

  • the poverty epidemic
  • the unemployment epidemic
  • the racism epidemic
  • the white man epidemic
  • the transmisogyny epidemic
  • the u.s. drone epidemic
  • the expensive education epidemic
  • the rapist epidemic
  • the colonialist epidemic
  • the victim blaming epidemic
  • the bootstraps epidemic
  • the condescending yuppie epidemic


(Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) Feelings by GAYmous


LGBT asylum seekers in the UK are being forced to “prove” their sexuality. One of those asylum seekers is my mate Aderonke.

The UK asylum system is fucked, and needs to change (*cough* no borders *cough*) - but Aderonke can’t wait til then. She’s been sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeria, where her former girlfriend was killed.

Sign the petition to help Aderonke stay in the UK.


We know who you are, we’ve heard all about you, but hearing is one thing.

This moment made me squeal with joy



ppl are always like “wow how do you get away with dressing that way” and im like it’s not a matter of confidence or anything i just literally do not value your opinion at all


Hi. My name is Caden Lovelace. My address is I can’t legally do this but let’s imagine that I asked everybody who’s reading tonight to reblog this post. Just, to reblog it directly from this post. It would be such a small sacrifice for all of you and it could…




Soo Sunny ParkUnwoven Light at Rice Gallery

watch the video

All photos © Nash Baker.

I felt like crying tears of joy when I saw this. Finally— an inanimate object that truly speaks to me. It’s me, as a statue. Iridescence at its finest. Look at the facets, the colors, the beauty.

This makes me think of fat mermaids. So pretty.


on okcupid when someone says that they would rather ‘do the tying’ than be tied up, but then they mark the ‘i would rather be tied up’ answer as unacceptable in partners i’m like k…can u even tie your shoelaces tho?

also when it’s like ‘NOT as in whips and chains but would you prefer your partner to be dominant/balanced etc’ the amount of people who answer it about bdsm… srsly


David Mitchell’s garden centre rampage As requested by Dan CakeT-shirt available here


David Mitchell’s garden centre rampage

As requested by Dan Cake

T-shirt available here