the disco in discount


Vaguely heralding to Rei Kawakubo’s body sculptural approach with Comme des Garcons SS 1997:

+ of course always looking to Leigh for inspiration:

This look was an impromptu one on my second day of visiting Montreal. I literally brought one suitcase with two tops, two skirts, a cardigan, a belt, a scarf & hella accessories.

Out of limited sartorial resources came this.

This outfit was a social experiment. Venturing down Blvd Saint-Laurent by myself, I was fully confronting other people in the street - nonverbally with my visible and aggressive self expression via fashion. It’s interesting to observe how many passer-bys actively try NOT to look. They don’t want to see me. I’m threatening in my stark ‘nonconformity.’

I do think dressing a certain way & inhabiting a certain body can be more than a statement and even performance art. (While recognizing that because I’m white, I’m afforded privileges of parading around like this with less risk.) Being overweight and gender fluid make it less acceptable and more confrontational.

I exaggerate the features others may see as flaws. Flattering is unimportant because it may not include what I want to wear. I don’t mind looking sloppy or mismatched because no one else’s standards factor into my decision making process.

What I wore:

ice cream cone headpiece, made by me
sunglasses, cheapie store
rhinestone encrusted heart earrings, nicked from f21
yinyang necklace, gift
wooden parrot necklace, free (-cycled)
sculptural long necklace, accessorize london
dress top, kardashian collection on clearance at sears i’m so sorry :|
scarf as modesty panel, thrift
tights, gift
silver boots, doc martens

Magnificent, I wish all style blogs were more like this!

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